DEmocratic Compact: Improving Democracy in Europe (DECIDE)

DEmocratic Compact: Improving Democracy in Europe (DECIDE)

Donors: European Commission - Education, Audiovisual and Communication Executive Agency (EACEA)

Programme: Europe for Citizens, Action 1 – Active Citizens for Europe, Measure 1.2 Network of twinned towns

30 May 2013 – 29 May 2015

The project at a glance DECIDE aims at developing, through the establishment of a thematic network of towns and by adopting a bottom-up approach, a democratic compact, namely a set of measures that are needed in Europe to increase the quality of democracy and citizen participation.

These measures will be identified, exchanged, further elaborated and tested by all the project partners. The partnership is composed of 24 partners from 14 countries: 4 countries of the “old” EU15, 6 countries accessing the EU between 2004 and 2007 and 4 IPA countries. This will allow an enriching exchange among partners with different track record in the EU and will contribute to develop a sense of belonging to a common “house”.

The main final outcomes of DECIDE will be:
1. the establishment of a thematic network of towns committed to increase the quality of democracy and citizen participation in the enlarged Europe
2. the democratic compact, a set of measures which have been tested and that can be further disseminated and implemented.

DECIDE envisages to achieve the following objectives:

  • Empowering citizens to play a full part in the democratic life of the EU;
  • Developing a sense of European identity, based on common values, history and culture;
  • Fostering a sense of ownership of the European Union among its citizens;
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue;
  • Fostering citizens' participation through volunteering;
  • Promoting equal opportunities;
  • Developing a thematic and long-lasting cooperation between towns;
  • Raising awareness, reflection and debate on the relevance and implications of EU policies on citizens' daily lives

DECIDE foresees 6 steps, having impact both at the local and at the European level.

Activity 1: Launching International Event

  • To duly promote and launch the project
  • To promote the first exchange among the partners on the addressed topics
  • To define and agree on standard methodological tools
  • To strengthen partners' and participants' ownership of the project
  • To promote peer-to-peer multiplying effects (through participants)

 Activity 2: Identification: collection of measures to be included in the “democratic compact”

  • To create and share on line country based lists of proposed measures for the democratic compact.
  • To launch open polls: related results collected and systematised.
  • To strengthen communities and partners' ownership of the project
  • To activate networks of citizens (peer-to-peer multipliers) at the local level
  • To promote and valorise citizens' role in the construction of a better governance (at the local and at the EU level)

Activity 3: Mid-term International Seminar

  • To exchange and debate the proposed measures for the democratic compact
  • To create a first draft of the "democratic compact"
  • To define a concrete action plan and subdivision of roles for the testing phase
  • To exchange, define and agree testing methods and standard tools
  • To further enhance partners' competencies on participatory mechanisms
  • To duly launch and promote pilot testing phase
  • To further strengthen synergies and partnerships with other stakeholder

Activity 4: Pilot Testing Phase - Local Implementation Processes

  • To test the measures included in the democratic compact at national level
  • To draft and share reports on the impact of each tested measure
  • To further enhance partners' competencies and skills in managing and measuring participatory actions
  • To draft and disseminate the updated version of the democratic compact
  • To strengthen the cooperation among partners (through the mobility of the observers)

Activity 5: Final International Seminar

  • To assess the testing phase
  • To draft the final version of the democratic compact
  • T promote and disseminate the democratic compact
  • To further strengthen the involvement of decision makers in the process
  • To create the basis for the development of the DECIDE network (follow-up ideas shared and action plan developed)
  • To widely promote the final overall outcomes of the project
  • To enhance partners' skills and role as actors promoting democracy and citizen participation (also as implementers of EU policies)

Activity 6: Evaluation and Follow-up

  • To agree upon and formalise a follow-up action plan
  • To further enlarge and strengthen the DECIDE network
  • To elaborate project drafts
  • To activate fund-raising campaigns
  • To foster partners' - and other stakeholders' - sense of belonging to the network DECIDE.

Lead partner

  • Association of Local Democracy Agencies – ALDA, France

Other partners
“National” partners

  • Comune di Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Vejle Kommune, Denmark
  • Municipality of Santa Eulalia de Gallego, Spain
  • The Mountain Community Iezer Muscel Association, Romania
  • Primaria Godeni, Romania
  • Primaria Comunei Domnesti, Romania
  • Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo Mesto (ADVW Novo Mesto), Slovenia
  • Birgu Local Council, Malta
  • Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Balchik, Bulgaria
  • Municipality of Nessebar, Bulgaria
  • Center for Community Organizing, Slovakia
  • Municipality of Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
  • Town of Petrinja, Croatia
  • Local Democracy Agency Sisak, Croatia
  • UG Agencija Lokalne Demokratije Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Municipality of Zavidovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Local Democracy Agency Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • City of Skopje, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Bashkia Shkoder, Albania
  • Local Democracy Agency Albania, Albania
  • Mórahalom Városi Önkormányzat, Hungary

Dissemination partner

  • International Development Alliance (IDA), Bulgaria

For more information, please contact:
Aldo Xhani,
Project Manager – Strasbourg office
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +33 (0)3 90 21 45 93

ALDA – Association of Local Democracy has launched the project DECIDE - DEmocratic Compact: Improving Democracy in Europe. The project will run until May 2015, it will be co-ordinated by ALDA, and it will be launched by an international event in Reggio Emilia, Italy in November 2013. Local democracy agency Zavidovici is one of three partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina in this project, which also includes the Municipality of Zavidovici and Local democracy agency Prijedor. The project, within the Europe for Citizen Programme, will foster the creation of a network of towns committed to increase the quality of democracy and…

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