The international event, whose general sponsor is the UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per tutti), it takes place in 90 cities around the world, and also in Zavidovići since 1998. The aim is to promote peace, solidarity and friendship.

Besides foot run “Vivicittà”, there are organized several a side sport events (volleyball, basket and football matches). More then 500 persons attend at these events.

PARTNERS: UISP Brescia, UISP Cremona, Municipality of Zavidovici, Association of Zavidovici sport teachers, Association of Athletics “Krivaja”, Basketball Club “Krivaja”, Female Volleyball Club from Zavidovici, Ist. Scientifico "Leonardo" Brescia, Istituto Artistico "Munari" Cremona, Ass. Bonvicino.

The race of peace and solidarity "Vivicittá" was held in Zavidovići on Sunday, May 27, 2018. The organizers of the event were the Association “Društvo pedaoga fizičke kulture” Zavidovići in cooperation with the Italian organization UISP Brescia - Cremona with the support of the Zavidovići Municipality and the Local Democracy Agency Zavidovići. The manifestation was opened by the youngest, children from kindergarten and lower grades of elementary schools. The main section of the race "Vivicitá" is about 10 kilometers long, while the recreational section is 4 kilometers long. A large number of citizens supported athletes, especially the sports teams from…
Traditional race for peace and solidarity „Vivicittá“ Zavidovici, 16.04.2017. Tradicionalna utrka za mir i solidarnost „Vivicittá“ Zavidovići, 16.04.2017.godine
Traditional race for peace and solidarity „Vivicittá“ Zavidovici, 24.04.2016-10:30 am Tradicionalna utrka za mir i solidarnost „Vivicittá“ Zavidovići, 24.04.2016.godine u 10,30 sati
Race for peace and solidarity „Vivicittá“, which is held since 1998 in Zavidovići, was organized on Sunday, 5th April 2015. Organizers of the events were Association of sports educators in collaboration with the Municipality Zavidovići, Italian organization UISP from Brescia and Cremona and LDA Zavidovići. In addition to the main event race Vivicittá, on Saturday 04.04.2015. were held tournaments in basketball between the basketball club "Krivaja" Zavidovići and the basketball club IIS "Torriani" from Cremona (Italy), in which players of IIS "Torian" took a well deserved victory. Besides basketball tournament there was also tournament in the women's volleyball , in…
Race for peace and solidarity Vivicitta, which is held since 1998 in Zavidovići, will be organized on Sunday, 5th April 2015. Vivicitta will be opened by the youngest participants, children from the kindergarten, and children in lower grades of elementary school. The main route is 12 km long, and routes for recreationist 4 km. Parts of this event are also tournaments in men's basketball and women's volleyball, between Italian and Bosnian teams to be held at the City Sports Hall on Saturday, 4 April 2015. This event is organized with the assistance LDA Zavidovici and Municipality of Zavidovići in cooperation…
The 17th International street race ,,Vivicitta’ 2014.'' Will be held in Zavidovići on April 20th 2014. This sport event is being organized by the Association of sport pedagogues Zavidovići, in cooperation with Municipality Zavidovići and Italian Organization UISP Brescia. The host of the event is, once again, ALD Zavidovići. Racers from BiH, Italy and Turkey are expected to participate in the race this year, just like the previous. Race of peace and solidarity will be opened by youngest participants , kinds from kindergarten, and from first grade of elementary school. The main trail will be12 km long, and the one…

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