Orti famigliari

Orti famigliari

Following the devastating flood that hit Bosnia and Herzegovina in May 2014, the Foundation Intesa Sanpaolo funded post-emergency project aimed at flood victims and disadvantaged families in the Municipality of Zavidovići in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After these aid interventions, LDA continued support to women and rural households with post-flood project - development of family gardens. There were provided training and assistance to women who undertake agricultural activities on a small scale, in order to increase production and quality of products for self-consumption and small sales. In 2016, we continue this project in collaboration with Sigurno Mjesto - the local association…
ADL Zavidovici ha realizzato una breve indagine tra le donne e le famiglie che nel 2015 hanno beneficiato di un sostegno finanziario a seguito dell’alluvione del 2014 e tra coloro che hanno partecipato al progetto “orti familiari”. Kako Ste? Some data from a questionnaire LDA Zavidovici has created a short survey among women and families who in 2015 have benefited from financial support following the flood of 2014 and among those who participated in the "family gardens project". Kako Ste? Podaci iz upitnika ALD Zavidovići je napravila kratku anketu među ženama i porodicama koje su tokom 2015. godine bili korisnici…

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