Sigurno mjesto-Services and activities for women

Sigurno mjesto-Services and activities for women

"Safe place for victims of domestic violence: monitoring the independence and development of local resources"

The project "Safe place for victims of domestic violence: monitoring the independence and development of local resources" was launched in 2011, and is designed as a continuation of previous initiatives to support victims of domestic violence.

The project is funded by the municipality of Alba and region Piemonte (Italy).

Local partners were the Municipality of Zavidovici, Association “Sigurno mjesto”, local health care institution “Dom zdravlja”, schools on the area of Zavidovici, the Association Zena-Zeni, and  City kindergarten Zavidovići.

Partners in Italy were Ser.T.Asl CN2 – Alba Bra, Social Welfare Center of Alba, University of South-East Piedmont – Department of social research, Association Mai piu sole.

This project aims at developing initiatives to support victims of domestic violence and to enhance awareness of the culture that produces and legitimises the violence itself, all through the actions of the local Network that is active for a few years allready, and through the newly established “Sigurno mjesto” Association.

The project goals are: to implement measures to prevent domestic violence and raise awareness about the gender relations; to provide services to accompany the victims of violence and to support their economic independence, and to strenghten and develop the local Network Against Domestic Violence.

The basic activities that are outlined in the project aim to continue the activities of sensibilization and prevention that were previously initiated, extending them to rural areas; to strenghten the Association  which has grown from a local network for the prevention of domestic violence and as an upgrade of services performed by the Center for social work;  to provide direct services to support victims; to continue the educating process of local network operators on the concrete forms of assistance to victims; to promote local protocol on the procedure in cases of domestic violence and to encourage the exchange of experiences between the Italian and Bosnian entities.

The project by now succeded to reinforce and strenghten activities in the field of prevention of domestic violence and raising awareness, all in cooperation with partners from Alba, Italy.

Due to the growing interest of our fellow citizens, the Association "Sigurno mjesto" continues with educational workshops for pregnant women and mothers which are part of the project "Sigurno mjesto 2017 - Services and activities for women". The realization of the workshops takes place in cooperation with professionals, with the obstetrician who talks about the pregnant women and the newborns, the role of obstetrician during childbirth, breastfeeding, then with a gynecologist who speaks about conception, stages of pregnancy, types of childbirth, nutrition and medicines in pregnancy, unwanted complications and prevention, and a pediatrician who responds to the questions in the…
Association "safe place" in cooperation with the Embassy of Local Democracy is implementing the project "Youth Against Violence" in order to cause attention of young people to the significant problem of peer violence and violence against women. This project is supported as sub-grant from the Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue. One of the activities of the „Youth Against Violence“ project is doing a street campaign (every 25th day of the month, known as the Orange day), in order to combat violence against women. On this occasion, the Association "Safe Place" and the Embassy of Local Democracy, in…
Local Democracy Agency Zavidovići, School of football / Sports club "Napredak" and the Association "Sigurno mjesto" organized a round table "Prevention of peer violence", in the Municipality Hall of Zavidovici, 03.03.2016. (Thursday) at 13.30. These three organizations through their activities in the community, and in particular with young people, for a long time work to promote positive values ​​and strive to create a comfortable climate for all citizens of Zavidovici. With this in mind, it was decided to start work towards the prevention and elimination of one of the most pressing problems in our society, which is peer violence. There…
Association "Sigurno mjesto", after the small summer break, continues to organize useful and unique activities in Zavidovici this fall. One of the activities for which the Association is already locally recognizable are, certainly, workshops for pregnant women and young mothers, in which experts from various fields give useful advice on pregnancy, childbirth, maternity and health of women and children. New fall series of workshops began with an extremely well-attended workshop on Friday, 10.09.2015., lead by pediatrician Dr. Aida Brcic. Considering that on the workshops were attended by pregnant women as well as mothers, the focus was on the first days…
Association "Sigurno mjesto" Zavidovići proceed with the implementation of the project "Safe Place 2015 - Services and activities for women", which is implemented under the support of the Municipality of Alba and LDA Zavidovići. The main objective of the association is to strengthen awareness and sensibilization of the population on the prevention of all forms of violence within the family. The Association will continue to provide a range of activities: Psychological counsultation for persons exposed to some form of violence, Educational workshops with women in rural areas Educational workshops with parents of childrens who attend pre-school lessons, Educational workshops with…
Association " Sigurno Mjesto " Zavidovici, within the project "A safe place for victims of domestc violence", produced and distributed a brochure on the topic "The perception of the presence of domestic violence in high school students population in Municipality Zavidovici". The brochure is in fact the result of research that members of the Association conducted in secondary schools in the area of Zavidovici. The aim of this study was to verify the predicive value of demographic, educational, and social characteristics of the families from which the students come in the interpretation of the incidence of domestic violence by the…
In the period from 14.09. to 15.09. 2013 The Association “Sigurno Mjesto” Zavidovići received delegation composed by Maria Perino and Simona Sordo, representatives of partner organizations from Italy. The visit was marked by a series of working meetings, and also pleasant socializing with the guests of the Association, as well as partners from the LDA Zavidovici. The purpose of the visit was, to analyze the work and progress of the Association “Sigurno Mjesto”, but also to discuss current projects and future activities to strengthen the association. ALD Zavidovići through Municipality Alba (Italy) provided funds for the implementation of the project…

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