In mid-May 2014, the entire area of ​​Zavidovići was hit by a natural disaster, the heavy rain caused floods and landslides, such that have never been seen in this area before. Many infrastructure and private buildings were destroyed by the floods, mountain streams and rain. Immediately after the cessation of rainfall, came out information about many landslides dangerous for people, their houses and farms.

Because of this, more than 1,000 people were at that time displaced from their homes. Floods and rains have destroyed agricultural fields, cereals, vegetables and crops of berries, the only source of income for many.

Once the initial situation has calmed down, it became clear that the consequences of flooding will not be repaired quickly or easily. Although many residential buildings and agricultural plantations were repaired from various sources of humanitarian help and own resources, much remains to be done. Also, many people have been forced to borrow from banks and microcredit organizations, and that threatened the economic viability of their families for the future. Many women are in a situation that they can not provide funds for basic needs in their own homes as they are forced to return debts due to emergency repair flood damage. Households in this regard are backward and each family has a specific need to regain stability.


  • Provide financial support to women in the area affected by the floods;
  • Enable the rehabilitation of damages incurred in households and farms;
  • Provide women who have suffered damage from floods and landslides way to restore financial stability;
  • Provide support to women and children in flooded areas in providing the necessary resources for a normal life.

In the period from 05.01.-31.03.2015, LDA Zavidovići distributed 12 packets of material assistance to women from rural areas of Zavidovići affected by last year's floods and landslides in the valleys of Bosnia and Krivaja rivers. Package contents determined according to the individual needs of the beneficiaries, and these are agricultural items for spring planting, material for repairing damaged buildings, appliances and food products. Beneficiaries are selected in cooperation with women's associations operating in the local communities, and these are women who have suffered significant damage in the natural disaster and are in a state of social need or unfavorable socio-economic…
LDA Zavidovici with support of the Foundation for Women’s Empowerment from Sarajevo implements the project "Support to the economic stability of women from flooded areas." Foundation for Women’s Empowerment through Solidarity Fund, intended for the award of grants for organization of humanitarian aid for women, allocated to the LDA Zavidovici fund of 7000 KM, through which we will help a number of flood victims in the municipality of Zavidovići, the project will be implemented from 05.01.2015. – 31.03.2015. The project aims to provide material support to women in areas affected by flooding, allow the rehabilitation of damages incurred in households…

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