Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue

Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue

The project at a glance:
This one-year project (commencement date: 1 January 2015) submitted within the priority 5 – promotion of social and economic inclusion of age groups that risk marginalisation and in particular youngsters, as the Operating Grant intended to support the work of LDAs in the Western Balkan countries to contribute more effectively in structuring regional thematic cooperation and coordination between CSOs and public authorities from targeted countries and help improve environment for youth activism and participation, in particular of young people with fewer opportunities

The Partnership:

Applicant: ALDA
Co-applicants: LDA Montenegro, LDA Mostar, LDA Zavidovici, LDA Prijedor, LDA Central Serbia, LDA Subotica, LDA Kosovo

Partner: ALDA Skopje (FYROM)

Duration 12 months
Locations: Mostar, Knjazevac, Podgorica, Subotica
Total project value: 201.782 EUR

The first Project activities hosted by the LDA Mostar team members, consisted of the Steering group meeting, Regional Network meeting for consultations and preparing the draft Regional Co-operation Platform, combined with the trainings for youth engagement workers and the LDA Delegates from Western Balkan countries.
After a long series of skype meetings throughout December, local action planning and coordination work by the Delegates of Local Democracy Agencies all the relevant stakeholders were present – CSOs, local self-governments and youth groups from Mostar, Zavidovici, Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Subotica, Knjazevac (Serbia), Niksic (Montenegro), Peja/Pec (Kosovo*) and ALDA Skopje, municipality Vevcani (Macedonia). In this way, the project Steering group was established (three members per partner, 27 members), the Detailed Activity plan and Visibility plan were adopted.
The main project activities include capacity building and thematic networking promote social and economic inclusion of age groups that risk marginalisation and in particular youngsters, and will be implemented by LDAs in the Western Balkan countries through structured regional thematic cooperation engaging CSOs and public authorities to help improve environment for youth activism and participation, in particular of young people with fewer opportunities. Capacity building, knowledge and information share will serve as the main tools to strengthen youth groups for active citizenship and participation in policy / decision making at local level, but even more at regional level through monitoring the implementation of public policies towards EU integration of the Western Balkans. Specific attention will be given to awareness raising among policy and decision makers at regional and local level on EU standards and practices of youth participation and EU Programmes 2014-2020 intended for youth.
With this in view, the LDAs involved in the action will be working together and provide all necessary support to newly appointed Youth Engagement Workers ( members of the Regional Youth Working Group) and Local Youth Advisory Groups to contribute to achieving the project results. 
In addition, the project launch activity was dedicated to preparing the Regional Co-operation Platform for the adoption at the level of Regional Network group meeting.

The project  was launched in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 27-29 January 2015.

Street basket 3x3 Zavidovici and Rock night for youth was the initiative from the youth organization „SKU Animus“ which applied on Local Youth Fund within Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue. This was second Street basket Tournament in Zavidovici, as the previous one was in 2016. This year the tournament was organized from 15th until 17th of July 2017 in the Partizan Sport Center and the concert of Zabranjeno Pušenje was held on 15th of July in front of Sport Hall in Zavidovici. The tournament was added on FIBA’s (International Basketball Federation) calendar of the events. The tournament…
5th, 16th and 17th of July, high school students and activists from Zavidovići worked on wall design at the Partizan Sports Center, on the implementation of the "Pokreni se ( Move yourself)!" project. The bigest share of project implementation was taken by Secondary school students, and the project was funded from the Social Day of the Association of High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina and through the Local Youth Fund within the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue. The project idea is to send a clear affirmative message to school students and all the young people in…
Volleyball & Music Fest Kamenica 2017 is the initiative of the non-formal group ”Retro group“ created by young girls from Zavidovici, with support from Caffee Bar Retro from Zavidovici. This initiative was supported by Local Youth Fund within the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue. The idea behind the initiative was to make a volleyball tournament for girls but on sand, which is why the tournament was organized in the famous nature resort Kamenica which is part of natural monument Tajan. The tournament was organized in the period from 8th to 10th July 2017. The tournament gathered 24…
As part of the public call for the allocation of funds for local youth initiatives Zavidovići, we have received four project proposals by the local associations and informal groups of young people. All projects satisfied formal requirements and criteria, thus the Commission for evaluation of project proposals decided to support all four project proposals in the amount of EUR 500.00 from the local fund. Projects supported by the fund for local youth initiatives are: "Children's Theater Festival" - Association "Center for Culture, Education and Creative Development-Ceker" "3x3 Street basket & Rock night for youth" - Association "Duh-ANIMUS" "Volleyball and Music…
Agencija Lokalne Demokratije Zavidovići raspisuje Javni poziv za dodjelu sredstava za Lokalne inicijative mladih Zavidovića namijenjen neformalim grupama mladih i nevladinim udruženjima mladih koja djeluju na području općine Zavidovići. Pozivamo mlade sa područja općine Zavidovići da podnesu svoje projektne prijedloge za lokalne inicijative mladih, koje će doprinijeti: Jačanju kapaciteta mladih (neformalnih grupa mladih i nevladinih udruženja mladih) za aktivno građanstvo i učešće u javnom životu njihovih lokalnih zajednica, posebno u procesima kulturne participacije; Povećanju pristupa mladih kulturi i korištenju kreativnih alata, posebno mladih s manje mogućnosti; Povećanju fokusa javnih vlasti u ciljanim lokalnim zajednicama na potrebe mladih i uspostavljanje veće…
U okviru projekta Regionalna platforma za učešće i dijalog mladih Balkana, koji je ko-financiran od EU, raspisan je poziv za eksperta/kinju za razvoj i sprovođenje regionalnog istraživanja na temu kulturne participacije mladih Balkana. Više o samom pozivu možete pronaći na OVOM LINKU: Rok za prijavu na poziv je 31.03.2017.In the framework of the regional platform for youth participation and dialogue Balkans, which is co-funded by the EU, issued a call for experts to develop and implement regional research on cultural participation of young people of the Balkans. More about the call can be found at this link The…
The 4th Regional network meeting was organized in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina in period of 22.-25.02.2017. This is the first activity that was implemented in this 3rd year from the forming of the Balkan regional network within the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue. The delegates of 8 Local Democracy Agencies together with the youth workers involved in the project reflected on the past year’s activities and created an action plan for the implementation of the activities in 2017. In 2016, several activities were implemented in the participating municipalities, such as the Regional forum for local democracy, My…

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