Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue

Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue

The project at a glance:
This one-year project (commencement date: 1 January 2015) submitted within the priority 5 – promotion of social and economic inclusion of age groups that risk marginalisation and in particular youngsters, as the Operating Grant intended to support the work of LDAs in the Western Balkan countries to contribute more effectively in structuring regional thematic cooperation and coordination between CSOs and public authorities from targeted countries and help improve environment for youth activism and participation, in particular of young people with fewer opportunities

The Partnership:

Applicant: ALDA
Co-applicants: LDA Montenegro, LDA Mostar, LDA Zavidovici, LDA Prijedor, LDA Central Serbia, LDA Subotica, LDA Kosovo

Partner: ALDA Skopje (FYROM)

Duration 12 months
Locations: Mostar, Knjazevac, Podgorica, Subotica
Total project value: 201.782 EUR

The first Project activities hosted by the LDA Mostar team members, consisted of the Steering group meeting, Regional Network meeting for consultations and preparing the draft Regional Co-operation Platform, combined with the trainings for youth engagement workers and the LDA Delegates from Western Balkan countries.
After a long series of skype meetings throughout December, local action planning and coordination work by the Delegates of Local Democracy Agencies all the relevant stakeholders were present – CSOs, local self-governments and youth groups from Mostar, Zavidovici, Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Subotica, Knjazevac (Serbia), Niksic (Montenegro), Peja/Pec (Kosovo*) and ALDA Skopje, municipality Vevcani (Macedonia). In this way, the project Steering group was established (three members per partner, 27 members), the Detailed Activity plan and Visibility plan were adopted.
The main project activities include capacity building and thematic networking promote social and economic inclusion of age groups that risk marginalisation and in particular youngsters, and will be implemented by LDAs in the Western Balkan countries through structured regional thematic cooperation engaging CSOs and public authorities to help improve environment for youth activism and participation, in particular of young people with fewer opportunities. Capacity building, knowledge and information share will serve as the main tools to strengthen youth groups for active citizenship and participation in policy / decision making at local level, but even more at regional level through monitoring the implementation of public policies towards EU integration of the Western Balkans. Specific attention will be given to awareness raising among policy and decision makers at regional and local level on EU standards and practices of youth participation and EU Programmes 2014-2020 intended for youth.
With this in view, the LDAs involved in the action will be working together and provide all necessary support to newly appointed Youth Engagement Workers ( members of the Regional Youth Working Group) and Local Youth Advisory Groups to contribute to achieving the project results. 
In addition, the project launch activity was dedicated to preparing the Regional Co-operation Platform for the adoption at the level of Regional Network group meeting.

The project  was launched in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 27-29 January 2015.

LDA Zavidovici has organized several workshops, in November, on the theme of "My city-city youth", during which the young people expressed their opinions about the possibilities and problems in the local community. The aim of the workshops was to identify existing resources in the local community, as well as expressing the need for new ones, so that young people had a full incentive for their development. Young people have created a map, in order to identify the resources in the community that could be important for their personal and group development. The results of this workshop will be presented to…
LDA Zavidovići is pleased to present you the second Newsletter of the project Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue. This publication is written, created and published by the 16 youth workers and leaders who actively work at local and regional level to promote youth participation and dialogue. In this second issue of the Newsletter you can get informed on all the activities of the project and you can discover many youth activism stories. We invite you to read them and write us about your ideas and experiences related to youth participation and youth activism. This Regional network was…
The First Balkan Youth Forum for Local Democracy was held on 21st September 2015, in the City Hall in Subotica. Representatives of local and regional authorities, as well Civil Society representatives, discussed about the topic of youth participation, youth policies and youth conditions in the Region. More than 60 participants from the Balkans, members of the Regional Network for Local Democracy (eight Local Democracy Agencies in five countries) and their partners promoted the regional platform for cooperation between civil society organizations and public authorities that encourages youth participation in public policy, targeting young people with less opportunities. Representatives of local…
Within the project “Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue”, Dino Sinanovic as representative LDA Zavidovici spent two weeks in ALDA Office in Skopje in job shadowing activities. This activities held in period from 17th – 31st august, first part of job shadowing activities was in ALDA Skopje (from 17th until 24th of august) and second part of job shadowing activities (from 24th – 31st august) was in municipality of Vevcani. In the first week of job shadowing Dino had opportunity to be part of ALDA Skopje staff , so he was included in everyday work in the office,…
As a Youth Engagement Worker for the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue, Nikola Shteriov, representing ALDA Skopje, Macedonia, was on a job shadowing activity in the Local Democracy Agency in Zavidovici, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The job shadowing activity was held from the 27th of July until the 7th of August 2015. Within this job shadowing activity were held diverse activities which Nikola attended. The primary task was the observing of the everyday activities in the office of LDA Zavidovici. Nikola also visited and observed the work of the nearby Center for Growth and Development of the Skills…
On Tuesday, the 4th August 2015, in the space of the Retro Pub in Zavidovici in front of over a hundred visitors has been presented an exhibition of photographs from the Youth Art workshops organized by the LDA Zavidovici within the project "Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue". Photo workshops were implemented in Zavidovici and attended by about thirty young people. The content of the workshop was organized through theoretical part, studio and outdoor photography. One of the workshop’s objective was that young people by using photography present how they see their city and tell a story about…

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