SeeNetSeeNet is a network of local authorities from Italy and South Eastern Europe that collaborate in a three-year Programme of decentralised cooperation in order to strengthen the governance skills ofinvolved territoriesand promote sustainable local development.

The Programme focuses on the consolidation of long-term partnership between the two shores of the Adriatic Sea and on the support to the integration process in the European Union of South-East European countries. Furthermore, the Programme intends to establish an integrated system of decentralised cooperation in Italy aimed at promoting the development of innovative local policies.

SeeNet is based on the joint work and the sharing of goals and interventionstrategies. According to a logic of reciprocity, it promotes an equal relationship among partners oriented to the sharing of knowledge and practices and represents a chance of growth for all territories involved.

The Programme is co-funded by the General Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGCS-MAE) and coordinated by the Tuscany Region, in partnership with other Italian Regions (Emilia-Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, Piedmont, Veneto) and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Partners of the Programme are local authorities, Italian technical organisations and 46 local authorities in South Eastern Europe.

Piemonte Region was selected as the project leader of Vertical Actions 2B program, called “Development of farm holiday centres in the mountain areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina” which foresees the realization of activities in eight BiH Municipalities including the Municipality Zavidovići. Partners SEENET program - Vertical action 2B next-of Zavidovici municipalities of Zenica, Trnovo, Pale, Travnik, Sanski Most, RS Trnovo and Hadzici. Piemonte Region and Zavidovići Municipality signed an agreement for realization of the project named ,,Development of competitive production model for sustainable agriculture.''


The Agricultural Products Fair was organized as a part of the project "Development of competitive production models for sustainable agriculture“, in Zavidovici on Saturday, June 15th 2013. This is the final activity of this project, which was implemented in theperiod of three years, within the programme "Seenet" - Translocal network for cooperation between Italy and Eastern Europe. The event was organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, and Municipality of Zavidovici in partnership with the Agency for Economic Development and the Local Democracy Agency Zavidovići. The fair was opened by the Mayor of Zavidovići municipality…
Members of the technical team of the project SEENET visited the Municipality of Zavidovici on Wednesday, November 21nd 2012, in order to discuss the progress of activities and their further schedule with the project partners. Members of the delegation were Gino Baral (project leader), Alessandra Neve, Daria Antenucci and Boris Vitlacil. During the visit a meeting was held with representatives of Zavidovici Municipality and the newly elected mayor, Suad Omerasevic. On this occasion, Mayor Omerasevic expressed his willingness to cooperate and to give his support to this and other similar projects. At this meeting, which was evaluated as very successful,…
As part of the regular activities of the programme „SEENET - Development of competitive production models for sustainable agriculture", the Development Agency Zavidovići held a training in agricultural production on four themes: Processing of agricultural products in greenhouses Sales and commercialization of agricultural products in greenhouses The use of pesticides in greenhouses Production of seedlings in greenhouses The lecturer was Dr. Omer Kurtović, the representative of the Federal Department of Agriculture from Sarajevo. The training lasted two days, from November 7th 2012 to November 8th 2012, and it was held in the premises of Development Agency Zavidovići. The number of…
The Italian region of Piemonte and the Municipality of Zavidovići have in 2010 signed an Agreement by which they commited to, as a part of the SEENET Program, implement the project „Development of competitive production models for sustainable agriculture“. The intent of this project is to work on 3 levels: Executing the selection of a number of farmers who are guided and monitored throughout the production process, with the aim of raising the quality and diversification of products; Organizing and opening the Information Center for all agricultural producers, within the Development Agency, which is a link in connecting farmers with…

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