Civil Trust Building-Find your way through the Enlargement Labyrinth

Civil Trust Building-Find your way through the Enlargement Labyrinth

EU citizens should be familiar, properly informed about the actual situation of the candidate and potential candidate countries of the Western Balkans region, about the perspective of future EU enlargement. Civil society organisations on both sides of the fence can play an important role in this process by – among others – promoting public debates, carrying out information and awareness-raising campaigns to this effect. We are convinced that countries of the Western Balkans has a pontetial to join mainstream European processes and contribute on a partnership basis to the shaping of Europe of the future. Therefore European House (Hungary) together with CSO partners from the region from five other EU member states decided to run the project entitled “Civil Trust Building – Find your way through the Enlargement Labyrinth”

The final meeting of the PRINCE project “Civil Trust Building – Find your way through Enlargement Labyrinth” gathering all the project partners and the contact persons from the Western Balkan countries whose participation was coordinated by ALDA, was hosted by the Italian organisation ARCI. Overview and assessment of one year condensed activities with the highlight on the Labyrinth tour through EU cities – Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Udine and the questionnaire analysis regarding the perception of the local citizens about EU enlargement, designing the follow-up activities – were the main topics discussed during the conference. The Western Balkan country progress…
Enlargement Labyrinth, a mobile, colourful 100 sqm installation composed of simple questionnaires posted on the colour panels making up the way through the labyrinth was set up, in the framework of the project Civil Trust Building, as an innovative format to attract citizens in various locations in Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Ljubljana and Udine during the one week tour that gathered all the project partners. ALDA was represented by LDA-s and local NGO-s team members. They acted as the Western Balkan contact persons promoting EU enlargement among the citizens of EU member states through direct conversation with them, dissemination of promotional…
PRINCE project “Civil Trust Building” partners, Western Balkan contact points representatives and the internees who participated in preparation of the National Citizen Consultations held in EU project countries had a joint mid-term evaluation meeting in Vienna, 24/25 June. The meeting was hosted by the World of NGO-s/Austria and organized by the lead applicant - European House - Hungary. ALDA - acting as the contact point coordinator has been involved in selection of internees, preparing news and updates on EU integration from seven countries included. During this meeting specific attention was given to possibilities for further involvement of the internees in…
Despite the many-faceted changes over the past decades a key feature of European cooperation over the past years remained its inclusive nature which is also reflected in the growing number of member states from the original six to twenty seven today. We, as partners of the Civil Trust Building project think that the Western Balkans region belongs to the concept of a unified Europe and therefore support the EU membership of the countries of the Western Balkans. We assist this process by means of civil society in general and through different activities of the project in particular. We share the…
2-week internship programme. Our project partners in 6 EU member-countries (Austria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia) will receive 7 interns (2 for Hungary) for a 2-week period (11-25 June 2012) including an evaluation meeting in Vienna. Interns will come from the 7 Western Balkans countries (1 person/country). All relevant costs are covered. How to apply: please ask candidates to visit our project website: Detailed information on the internship programme is available together with the application procedure. Deadline for application? 19 May 2012

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