Wim Laboratories Iuvenis

Wim Laboratories Iuvenis

Procédé Zèbre will be coordinator of the Erasmus + project “Wim Laboratories Iuvenis”, validated in July 2018 by the European Commission, which will involve 8 partners from 5 European countries (Austria, Romania, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France), for a period of three years.

Procédé Zèbre, leader of the Wim Laboratories project Iuvenis is a well-known French and international player for its expertise in learning French through theater (module created by Fabrice Dubusset, artistic director of the company Procédé Zèbre at the Vichy CAVILAM in 2000).

The goal of the WIM Laboratories Iuvenis project will be to adopt innovative strategies in terms of linguistic, cultural and artistic transmission. Young high school students will confront the theater professionals according to a principle of "richness of the mixture". Writing workshops (collecting testimonies, reports), theatrical practice and performances will help to acquire skills, but also autonomy and self-confidence. These seem to us essential elements to solve the many problems that affect our contemporary societies, to move towards equality between women and men, the inclusion of migrants, and more broadly to contribute to the creation of a sense of belonging to Europe. The shared commitment of teachers, students, amateur and professional actors will make possible new cooperation strategies, bringing together the fields of education, training and youth. The theater will develop skills, autonomy and self-confidence by creating flexible learning pathways that meet the needs and goals of youth. Multilingualism and cultural diversity will have a driving role among the competences that allow European youth to be better prepared for the international labor market, and to develop a look and a critical spirit. This project will develop cultural tourism, and highlight a heritage of European interest in the different countries participating in the project.

List of partners :

– Association Procédé Zèbre (France)

– Lycée Bundesgymnasium und Realgymnasium de Perchtoldsdorf (Autria)

– Lycée i.i.s. des ambrois d’Oulx (Italy)

– Lycée Titu Maiorescu d’Aiud (Romania)

– Lycée LIVIU REBREANU d’Hida (Romania)

– Lycée BLAISE DE VIGENERE de St-Pourcain-sur-sioule (France)

– Lycée Hohenzollern-Gymnasium de Sigmaringen (Germany)

– Association Almateatro de Turin (Italy)

– Association Local Democracy Agency Zavidovici (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 

Summary of actions: 

> September 2018 / Laboratoires théâtre et performance « Journées du patrimoine » à Vichy (France)

> November 2018 / au lycée IIS des Ambrois d’Oulx (Italie)

> May 2019 / Festival Water is Memory à Vichy (France)

> July 2019 / Résidence et performance à Hida et Aiud (Roumanie)

> September 2019 / Ateliers et performance « Journées du patrimoine » à Vichy (France)

> October 2019 / Ateliers au Lycée IIS des Ambrois d’Oulx (Italie)

> November 2019 / Ateliers au lycée de Sigmaringen (Allemagne)

> May 2020 Festival Water is Memory à Vichy (France)

> July 2020 / Résidence et performance à Hida et Aiud (Roumanie)

> September 2020 / Laboratoires théâtre Vichy (France)

> October 2020 / Résidence et performance à Turin (Italie)

> Novembre 2020 / Ateliers à Sigmaringen (Allemagne)

> March 2021 / Atelier Dis-moi dix mots à Lyon (France)

Young people from Zavidovici participated in the mobility action within the project “WIM laboratories Iuvenis” in Oulx (Italy) from 21-25 October 2018. Participants from Zavidovici were Iman Ahmić, Amela Ridžal, Iman Bubić, Edvin Joldić, Mirza Muhić, high school students members of the theater school at Centar za kulturu Zavidovici. They were accompanied by actor Nusmir Muharemović and Dino Sinanovic youth worker from LDA Zavidovici. During five days in Oulx there were organized theater and performance laboratories for young people from Vichy (France), Oulx (Italy) and Zavidovici (Bosnia and Herzegovina) lead by Fabrice Dubusset and Arnaldo Ragni, artists of the Procédé…

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