01 Sep 2015

Within the project “Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue”, Dino Sinanovic as representative LDA Zavidovici spent two weeks in ALDA Office in Skopje in job shadowing activities. This activities held in period from 17th – 31st august, first part of job shadowing activities was in ALDA Skopje (from 17th until 24th of august) and second part of job shadowing activities (from 24th – 31st august) was in municipality of Vevcani. In the first week of job shadowing Dino had opportunity to be part of ALDA Skopje staff , so he was included in everyday work in the office, he observed how they work on the implementation of project activities, also he had opportunity to share the examples of good practices with colleagues from Alda's office as well as colleagues from the France. 19th of August, Dino was a guest on ceremony on the opening of Info Youth Centre in town of Kavadarci. Dino, also participated in the interview, which was held at the Agency of Youth and Sport of Republic of Macedonia, where he had a chance to be more familiar with the role of Agency in the creation of Youth Policy and to get to know opinion of the Agency on young people as active participants in the creation of the said policy. During the rest of the week Dino had the opportunity to be active part of ALDA Skopje , where they were sharing ideas and opinions about future activities within project Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue.

In Municipality of Vevcani, Dino had opportunity to work with Youth engagement worker Trajce Lazoroski, who was also Dino’s host. Apart from getting familiar with Municipality of Vevcani, Dino had a meeting with representatives of local authorities, especially with the Deputy Mayor who introduced him the past and future projects in which Municipality of Vevcani was taking a part. During the first day of study visit to Vevcani Dino visited local natural resources of municipality, local primary school, and again he had meeting with Deputy Major and Youth engagement worker Trajce Lazoroski to share experience about activities of Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue project that were held in Zavidovici. On the 26th of august, Dino took part in organizing and maintaining of activity “ Youth City – My City” , where he could see the way of thinking of young people from Vevcani about their city.

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