Regional Youth Compact for Europe

Regional Youth Compact for Europe

Regional Youth Compact for Europe is a three year project that aims to empower CSOs, particularly YOUTH organizations in the Western Balkans and Turkey to more effectively participate in policy design and in monitoring the process of EU integration.

Center for Democracy Foundation, Balkan Network for Local Democracy (ALDA and Local Democracy Agencies from the WB Region), CRTA (Belgrade), Youth Act Center (Albania) and SODEM (Turkey) will work together on various activities aiming to strengthen the capacity of CSOs and youth organizations to monitor the implementation of public policies, to engage in evidence based advocacy through a structured civil dialogue with the focus on good governance, the rule of law, economic governance, employment and social policy reform. A combined set of awareness raising, capacity building and regional networking activities are aimed to strengthen the impact of CSOs in the reform process towards the EU integration.

The Balkan Network for Local Democracy acting as a consolidated cooperation/consultation platform will be engaging Local Democracy Agencies, local public authorities, CSOs and youth groups from across the region in EU integration related policy dialogue through innovative mechanisms for influencing public policies and reform process.

Main project work packages which will be implemented at local and regional level include Capacity building, Monitoring and Advocacy, Regional Networking and Exchange, Public Campaign and Sub- granting Programme.

Regional Youth Compact for Europe is implemented by:

Center for Democracy Foundation, The Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA), ALDA Skopje, Local Democracy Agency Subotica, Local Democracy Agency Montenegro, Local Democracy Agency Mostar, Local Democracy Agency Prijedor, Local Democracy Agency of Kosovo, Local Democracy Agency for Central and Southern Serbia, Local Democracy Agency Zavidovici, Local Democracy Agency Albania, CRTA ,Youth Act Albania and SODEM Turkey.

This project is funded by
the European Union

The First Regional Thematic Network Forum and Annual Conference of the Balkan Network for Local Democracy will be organised on 26 and 27 February 2019 in Tirana. This event will be a studious gathering of representatives of the civil sector and youth from the Western Balkans and Turkey in order to engage discussion on the key reforms needed in the region to further the EU integration processes. The panel discussions will feature presentations and debates on key issues such as rule of law, fundamental rights, social policy and employment and public administration reform. The focus will be put on youth…
Study visit to the National Convention on the European Union was organized in Belgrade on the 29th and 30th November 2018. The study visit was attended by representatives of all 14 organizations that implement the project “Regional Youth Compact for Europe”. A study visit to the National Convention on the European Union, which followed the presentation of the project, began with a presentation by Nataša Dragojlović, coordinator of the National Convention on the EU, then Gordana Čomić, deputies in the National Assembly of RS and Vice-President of the Committee for European Integration on the role of parliament in the process…
The First Regional training for the Balkan Network for Local Democracy entitled “Sharing Experience – expanding the Network” took place in Novi Sad, Serbia from 20 to 22 October. The training is part of the “Regional Youth Compact for Europe” project and its main objective is to prepare the ground and strengthen the capacity of the Network to participate and promote the effective implementation of the EU integration- related reforms. At the same time the introductory training aimed to get the project partners acquainted with the priority areas of the accession negotiation process in the EU: rule of law, fundamental…
The new project Youth Compact officially kicks off this week! The project partners gathered in Belgrade to discuss the implementation of the activities, the creation of action plan and the communication strategy for the project. The main objective of the three-year-long project is to help enhance CSOs participation in policy design and in monitoring the process of EU integration in the Western Balkans and to engage youth to participate more actively youth in this process. The activities have been designed based on the experience and achieved results of the previous project realized by the Balkan Regional Network for Local Democracy…

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