Regional Youth Compact for Europe

Regional Youth Compact for Europe

Regional Youth Compact for Europe is a three year project that aims to empower CSOs, particularly YOUTH organizations in the Western Balkans and Turkey to more effectively participate in policy design and in monitoring the process of EU integration.

Center for Democracy Foundation, Balkan Network for Local Democracy (ALDA and Local Democracy Agencies from the WB Region), CRTA (Belgrade), Youth Act Center (Albania) and SODEM (Turkey) will work together on various activities aiming to strengthen the capacity of CSOs and youth organizations to monitor the implementation of public policies, to engage in evidence based advocacy through a structured civil dialogue with the focus on good governance, the rule of law, economic governance, employment and social policy reform. A combined set of awareness raising, capacity building and regional networking activities are aimed to strengthen the impact of CSOs in the reform process towards the EU integration.

The Balkan Network for Local Democracy acting as a consolidated cooperation/consultation platform will be engaging Local Democracy Agencies, local public authorities, CSOs and youth groups from across the region in EU integration related policy dialogue through innovative mechanisms for influencing public policies and reform process.

Main project work packages which will be implemented at local and regional level include Capacity building, Monitoring and Advocacy, Regional Networking and Exchange, Public Campaign and Sub- granting Programme.

Regional Youth Compact for Europe is implemented by:

Center for Democracy Foundation, The Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA), ALDA Skopje, Local Democracy Agency Subotica, Local Democracy Agency Montenegro, Local Democracy Agency Mostar, Local Democracy Agency Prijedor, Local Democracy Agency of Kosovo, Local Democracy Agency for Central and Southern Serbia, Local Democracy Agency Zavidovici, Local Democracy Agency Albania, CRTA ,Youth Act Albania and SODEM Turkey.

This project is funded by
the European Union

The roads ahead of us are going to be difficult, but fundamentally speaking, we are optimistic for the future of Europe and the youth, and in the last conference under the Regional Youth Compact for Europe (RYCE) project, this was very clearly expressed with everyone participating. The Final Project Conference for RYCE was held on July 1, 2021, in the city of Belgrade, Serbia, at the Metropol Hotel. The nature of the conference was a hybrid, with 36 participants viewing from the Zoom platform. There was a sizable variety of participants, including 13 partners from various countries and organizations/networks, such…
The Local Democracy Agency Zavidovići organized an event entitled "Youth Participation - Good Practice Becomes Our Practice" within the project "Regional Youth Compact for Europe" funded by the European Union. The event aimed to bring together all stakeholders (representatives of the Municipality, public institutions, non-governmental sector as well as youth representatives) who work with young people and work to improve the position of young people in our society to discuss current situation and to present some good practices in our local community, several initiatives that have been implemented by young people. Also, the event was an opportunity for LDA Zavidovići…
On the 9th April 2021, the Local Democracy Agency Zavidovići organized an event called "Open Local Assemblies / My City - Youth City" as part of the activities within the project "Regional Youth Compact for Europe” which is funded by the European Union. During this activity, young people, high school students from Zavidovići, had the opportunity to talk with the Chairman of the Municipal Council, Ms. Erna Merdić Smailhodžić, and with young councilors Mr. Haris Mujanović and Mr. Adi Mahovac, as well as with Mr. Muamer Hrvić, youth officer of Zavidovići Municipality. On this occasion, young people were introduced to…
On the 22nd February 2021, the Local Democracy Agency Zavidovići has implemented one-day workshop with young people entitled "We are Europeans" as part of the EU funded project "Regional Youth Compact for Europe". The aim of the workshop was to present to young people the functioning of government institutions, institutional procedures, the transparency reqirements and efficient practices. Also, young people had the opportunity to increase their knowledge about the Law on Youth of Federation of Bosni and Herzegovina, which is an institutional framework that defines the rights and obligations of young people, but also had the opportunity to get acquainted…
Today, on the 16th of January 2020, we are officially launching the open call for proposals for the Youth Fund “We have a say” in the framework of the project Regional Youth compact for Europe. The overall objective of the Call for Project Proposals is the improvement and development of participatory youth policies and enhancement of local democracy in communities of Western Balkans through support to local youth organisations fostering active citizenship and participation of young people at the local level. You can find the Application Guidelines and the documents needed for the project application on the links below. The…
The Regional Youth Compact for Europe Internship programme is starting. The programme offers one month internship for Balkan youth in one of the offices of the project partners. RYCE is official launching a call for interns for the period of December 2019- April 2020. The internship program aims to provide a framework for young people in the region to gain firsthand experience about the functioning of CSOs and the work they do but also to assist in finding out and establishing innovative, youth friendly, forms and content of communication, leading to increased youth participation in civil initiatives, policy design and…
What is the involvement of CSOs in the Western Balkan countries in the EU Accession Negotiation and EU Integration Processes? The Comparative study « Civil Society in the Western Balkans: Involvement in the EU Accession Negotiation and EU Integration Processes from Initiatives to a Structured Dialogue » can answer this question and much more. This study is conducted in the framework of the project Regional Youth compact for Europe and aims to give to the Balkan countries which are involved in the accession process to the EU, numerous elements regarding the cooperation between authorities and CSOs which can help them…
Employment policies and labour market reforms in the Western Balkan countries were some of the topics covered in the Second workshop for the Regional youth working group organized in Prishtina on the 5th and 6th November in the framework of the project Regional Youth Compact for Europe. The workshop had an objective to deepen the youth group’s common understanding of the accession negotiation process with particular focus on the Chapter 19: Social Policy and Employment. Experts from the region shared their expertise in labour market reforms, work opportunities, social cohesions, youth mobility and more. The youngsters had the opportunity to…

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